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Mikroskopikamera Axiocam 208 färg (D) med  Produkt/tjänst. ZEISS Camera Lenses. Kamera/foto ZEISS Group · 14 februari ·. Forgot to get Aizenberg, Harvard SEAS.

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Microscopy products for biomedical research, healthcare and high-tech industries. We offer light microscopes, electron and ionbeam microscope systems and solutions for laser scanning applications. Microscopes, Microscopy Software and Imaging Solutions from ZEISS Australia This adapter has a Standard ISO 30mm (1.18 inch) diameter insertion end to Zeiss phototube and a standard C-Mount (25.4mm or 1 inch diameter) for camera attachment This is a mechanical part with no optical lens. Zeiss Axiocam ERc 5s Microscope Camera The Zeiss Axiocam ERc 5s can be used on the PC to capture images or as a digital video camera with exceptional live images. Images can be stored to the SD card and later transferred to the computer. Features: CMOS microscope camera, 5 megapixels (2560 x 1920) Sensor size of 1/2.5" (diagonal 7.1mm) The Microscope Video Camera Adapter DEC-BV is a Single Port, Horizontal Mount compatible with a Zeiss type surgical microscope.

EUR 1,676.64. From United Kingdom. Buy it … Easily move the camera to any microscope you want - on the camera body two buttons are available: one triggers the acquisition of the image, while the other performs an automatic white balance.

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This teaching microscope with fixed-Köhler illumination is optimized for brightfield contrast of stained samples. ZEISS Primostar 1 : Your affordable microscope for education and teaching. Primostar 1 focuses on the essentials: robust, easy-to-use, quality optics and above all, affordable. This teaching microscope with fixed-Köhler illumination is optimized for brightfield contrast of stained samples.

Zeiss microscope camera

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Locations. Look up your nearest ZEISS sales and service representative. more. Contact. Your inquiry regarding Microscopy Australia. acquired with ZEISS Axioscope 5, objective: Plan-Apochromat 20× / 0.8 ZEISS Axiocam 202 mono Your 2 Megapixel Stand-alone Microscope Camera for Routine Fluorescence Documentation Axiocam 202 mono is your 2 megapixel monochrome microscope camera with automatic functions for routine fluores-en ec c .

Includes: Beam Splitter CMount Digital Adapter CCD Camera HD and HDMI cables.
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Zeiss microscope camera

Metabones - Leica R Lens to FUJIFILM X-Mount Camera Speed Booster ULTRA Ikelite - Anti-Reflection Ring for Carl Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8 Lens in Underwater MS-040 Biological Microscope & Universal Adapter for Smartphones Kit  Carl Zeiss Jena Lens Biotar 1.5 / 75 Exakta Mount Original Case f/1.5 75mm GREAT Vintage Ihagee Exakta A16 microscope camera with attachments in box  Moreover, light-sheet fluorescence microscopy supports users with live imaging of organisms, rodent camera for dynamic studies of molecules labeled with Zeiss Versa 520 X-ray microscope capable of producing 3D images down to a 0.7. The Zeiss EVO LS10 is an environmental scanning electron microscope, equipped with a LaB6 filament.

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High resolution: full 4K resolution in outstanding 30 fps. Smart functions: Auto-adjustment of brightness, contrast and white balance. Compatibility: Stand-alone mode without PC, with Labscope imaging app as network camera, or with ZEN imaging software for advanced imaging. Microscopy Camera Axiocam 705 mono (D) High Performance microscopy camera incl.

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Purchasing a Zeiss stereo microscope ensures a high quality instrument capable of many tasks, that can be customized to suit any manufacturing, research or medical need, and is capable of providing education using virtual technology using video and still cameras.